Cil Laurens


Amsterdam based artist Cil Laurens creates detailed works
on wood with beautiful lines by working with millimeter thin
ink pens. This way she fills her art with graphic patterns.

In her work Cil Laurens portrays mysterious women,
mainly with their eyes closed or covered. She plays
with the characteristic of people to feel and experience
and listen in a pure way to their inner self.

Her work is a heady mix of feminine, dark, intriguing and alluring.

While her style is precise and to the point, artist
Cil Laurens loves duality; she ever embraces the two sides
to every story. She worked on an art commission for “H&M’s
Conscious Line”, 

She studied Graphic Design at the School for
Fine Arts in Kampen and later photography at the Royal
Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Both have led her to
create whimsical yet clear representations of her elusive world.”